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The Canine Coach can help you!

The Canine Coach offers private coaching for you and your dog - in your own home or backyard (or another mutually convenient location) and tailored to your specific needs.  There are no generic programs so you get better value for money!   Only positive and humane methods are used.  These sessions are available to puppies and dogs of all ages.  Services include:

The Canine Coach also offers private walking services by a qualified behavioural trainer.


  My dog Sky had been in a kennel in Canberra and when she returned her behaviour had changed.  I was suspecting she had a bad experience with another dog which had a bad effect on her socialising skills. Paul started working with Sky and developed a training schedule.  He was extremely thorough, professional and organized.  Sky responded very well to her training and made huge improvements.  I gained control back over her and she’s turned about 180 degree from being scared of other dogs, timid with people to become the dog that she was before going to the kennel.
  Paul also offers dog walking service and I love the fact that my dog stays in her own environment but she get the exercise she needs with someone I trust and she’s excited to see.  I would highly recommend Paul to anyone looking for either dog training or to care of their pets while they are away.
  I was absolutely thrilled with the service we received from beginning to end.