Paul with Hanna

Many walking services in Canberra
involve dogs walking in large groups.

The Canine Coach is different.   The Canine Coach offers you a private one-on-one dog walking service for your dog with basic training included, such as walking without pulling on lead, while on these walks.  This means your dog will not only get exercise, they will learn to walk nicely on lead, enjoy their walk and get one-on-one attention and treats!

Going on holidays?
Combine The Canine Coach walking services with a house sitter or friend minding your home, and your dog will enjoy a holiday in their own home!  A feeding and poo pick up service is also available at a small additional cost of $10 per day (combined with walk).

Private walking with basic training - 40 minutes$45
Additional dogs on walk (same family only - per additional dog)$10
Feeding/poo pick up service (when combined with walk)$10 per day
Pack of 10 walks – 40 minutes per walk (single dog/two dogs) $400/$450

  When I have an unusually long day at work, I have the peace of mind of knowing that The Canine Coach will take care of my little sheltie.  I know that her needs for both physical and mental stimulation will be met by a professional trainer who uses only positive motivational techniques.  This helps her settle as she waits for me.
  The best testimony I have of the quality time my dog spends with The Canine Coach is when she sees him – even after some time -  she is absolutely delighted! This is proof that he makes a very good impression on her! Renee