Paul Welsh is the owner and principal trainer of The Canine Coach.  Paul has been a pet dog training instructor for over 15 years.  Paul works with many reputable organisations including the RSPCA in Canberra where he has run life skills group classes for puppies, adolescent and adult dogs and assisted with shelter dogs and training.

Paul has also worked with dogs trained to assist people with disabilities with Australian Support Dogs, and he has also mentored dog trainers through the Delta Society dog behaviour course.  Over the years, he has helped many happy private clients with their dogs and worked closely with veterinary practices in providing services to their clients.

Paul has a Certificate IV in Behavioural Dog Training and is a Canine Good Citizen™ accredited instructor.

Paul is also a member of Delta Institute, the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and The Pet Professional Guild Australia.  These are organisations who network, share information and work with other behavioural trainers and behavioural vets, and are bound by ethics policies, ensuring that we use and promote only modern, scientifically proven training methods that are consistent with humane, positive reinforcement techniques.


The Canine Coach (Paul) has really helped to make our dog Jed a more confident and happier dog.   We had completed two other training courses with Jed but were still struggling with a number of behaviour issues – particularly his aggression to other dogs and the way he greeted visitors at home.  This meant that walking him each day was a stressful event for us and him.  After three training sessions with the Canine Coach we have the skills to better manage his behaviour both at home and on walks.  We’re all much happier and Jed has become less reactive when seeing other dogs and our walks are much more enjoyable. Jed’s still not perfect but at least now we are more confident and better equipped to continue to help him improve.

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Delta Society Australia is a non-profit organisation - their mission is to promote and facilitate positive interaction between people and animals.  Their accredited instructors are bound by a strict code of ethics and are united in their training methods and philosophy to use humane, positive reinforcement training techniques and methods to produce informed, competent, caring owners with well socialised and well behaved dogs.

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